Do you know the expression: «Demand creates supply»? So it happened to me. Increasingly, customers began to ask if I am shooting a video, and could I make a mini-video for social networks. I always refused, I advised my husband videographer Alex Gotovyy, but I always wanted to try myself in the video. So I decided to try whether I would like to shoot a video at all 🤔🎥

I posted on Instagram that I'm looking for a young active couple who wants a short video for social networks for free.

Many people responded, but I was attracted by an interesting family with a child, and the thought arose in my head: «I want to shoot them in a cactus garden»!

Everything turned out the way I wanted! 😍 Of course, it was difficult and scary. Still, the first time I shot a video. Very responsible. 

But on the other hand, I realized that I’m doing this video first of all for myself, and if it suddenly doesn’t work out, I will not owe anything to the guys.

From this video in a cactus garden my story began as a videographer. It was an invaluable experience and most importantly! I noticed that people liked the video no less than I liked it. 

And that meant that you had to continue to do this! 😉

Now, for everyone who wants to have a video shooting I have an individual approach. 

The main questions are: 

— Where do you want?

— What time of the day? 

— Wishes.

If people do not know where they want, I offer options by myself. Even in one location you can make completely different stories! Check out the 2 videos above. Yes, they have a common style — tenderness — but how different they are! 

As you know, music also plays a significant role in creating videos. That is why I love melodic and sensual music, which I select depending on the person and location. But if you want some special composition or know the one you would like to hear when playing a video, be free to tell me. Together, we will create exactly the video that will fully reflect you! 

All the videos that I shoot can be viewed here: It is there that I will exhibit the latest videos. 

At the moment, I have a few more clips in the editing process, and as soon as they are ready, I will certainly show them to you. They deserve no less attention, as the locations and the people there are simply amazing!